Sunday, 28 August 2011

Silk Scarf Painting for a change

I can't believe the summer holidays are nearly over and in one short week it will be time to go back to school again. I have tried to cram in lots of crafty things I was storing up but there is never enough time for it all. Especially when I spend far too much time checking out what other people have been up to on their blogs and don't leave enough for actually doing things myself!
Anyway years and years ago I gave my lovely MIL a kit for decorating her own silk scarf which at the time she was thrilled about but as it turns out not confident enough to actually have a go at. Recently she gave it back and asked if I would like to do it for her as she was worried she would spoil it. Well you don't have to ask me twice to have a go at anything crafty so I cleared a space and here is the result! Luckily the paints, which must be at least 5 years old, hadn't dried up and there were really clear instructions for mixing the different colours on the pack.

The instructions were really easy to follow and as there were several designs to choose from I opted for the one that wasn't too structured as I have a habit of not following rules or recipes too closely! 
After wetting the ready made scarf I twisted the fabric into lots of swirls and then it was just a case of applying the watery paint wherever I felt like it loosely following the instructions.
Choosing an abstract design meant there is no right or wrong!
When I was happy with the design I let it dry.
Then all I had to do was iron the scarf for 5 minutes and it was all done.

 I have to say I was thrilled with the results and so is MIL! There was only one problem however, I now have a whole bunch of silk scarf paint left over and an urge to make lots more. Luckily good old Ebay has a shop with ready made, ready to paint silk scarves. I have a feeling quite a few of my relatives can expect an exclusively  designed silk scarf in their stocking this Christmas!
Now a first, I am going to try joining in a link party. I have enjoyed looking at countless fabulous blogs with so many clever crafty ideas this time I decided to share too....I just need to work out how! 
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  1. How gorgeous!!! Well done, it'e beautiful! xx

  2. Love this Gillian....I have always wanted to try silk painting. I might just have to go in search of a kit now. Your swirls look like flowers.